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Patty Wain Smith’s book, A Letter to a Friend, is a very well-written story as I see it about the turmoil caused in ones spirit resulting from the acts of domestic violence and a message of hope for those whose spirits have been broken.
The author delivers a very important message which would be very easily understood for most victims even in their times of crisis!
This would be a must read in my opinion for victims as well as others to understand where someone’s spirit can be taken to the deepest darkness and where it can be delivered to the Light!!
I have witnessed and lived the effects of domestic violence and the scars to the soul that it will attempt to leave.  The author has described in her writing a way out of the darkness and into the Light with a spiritual uplifting.
In her story there is a part about “the gift” which is my favorite!
I would strongly suggest this book for anyone whose spirit has been scarred by domestic violence.
I also believe this would be a good read for those in DV Shelters and self help groups.
To the author : Very well done!