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This book is infused with love, kindness, hope, and a little bit of magic. Author Patty Wain Smith has infused a kind of spiritual magic into her book. During the past year, she presented the book at a meeting attended by ten women, and ten copies were sold. Everyone knew someone who needs to believe in their own power to make a monumental change and embark on a journey down a road that will not be easy. Months later, a woman who’d attended the meeting and had given the book to a friend, told me that because of this little book, her friend found the strength and hope to remove herself from an unhealthy relationship. I mentioned A Letter to a Friend to my daughter who is a therapist, and she agreed that choice is “a brilliantly wrapped gift addressed to you with love.” I am not a religious person, but this idea spoke to me.

Why does this little book have the answers? What is it about this book that empowers a victim of abuse? It is crafted with love, kindness, and hope. Each word has been carefully chosen to give comfort and inspiration to the reader. It is not your traditional self-help book, nor is it a documentary on abuse. There is wisdom in its short sentences. The language is simple but eloquent. I believe the author created the book to be read in small sound bites when the abuser is not around, hidden in the nightstand, waiting to provide answers when all hope is lost. I truly believe the author wrote it to change the world, and this little book with its magic seems to be doing just that.