Rosemarie Elrich
5 Star Review, Amazon

Thoughtfully worded and quick to read. Scripture quotations provide insightful help. Patty Wain Smith writes an easy to read, A Letter to a Friend, which has a thoughtful message for those who suffer in silence. A message filled with hope, courage and the desire to protect our children from harm and from repeating the cycle of domestic abuse.

Michele Madison
5 Star Review, Amazon

A sensitive and thought provoking must-read. A Letter to a Friend felt like an intimate conversation with someone I love very much. I was moved to tears, I felt like I knew this person. I wish everyone would read this because no matter what we think we know about victims and their abusers, we don’t. And because we may want to say those words to someone, but something is holding us back. These words are thoughtful without being judgmental. I would definitely recommend it!

Ashleigh Root
5 Star Review, Amazon

A beautiful and well written book. Every person should read this and pass it on.

5 Star Review, Amazon

Powerful … A Must Read! Thank you Patty Wain Smith for sharing your amazing book, A Letter to a Friend. The moment I started reading it, I was unable to stop. Your book gives readers the tools, motivation, and inspiration to help themselves or others recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship and what to do next. It allows us all to understand the dramatic impact abuse has on families and friends all over the world. I highly recommend reading!

Kim Henson
5 Star Review, Amazon

A Necessary Topic. A Letter to a Friend is about abuse, a topic we keep secret when we so need to be talking about it and asking for help. The author couples her songwriting talent with a tough subject to make it easier to read as well as letting her reader know she’s not alone.

Laurie Larsen
5 Star Review, Amazon

Raw. Emotional. Empathetic. It grieves me that abuse is so prevalent in the US (as reported in the Statistics in the back of the book) but I’m relieved that people like this author use their unfortunate experience with the subject matter to help those around them find a path to recovery.

5 Star Review, Amazon

This book is infused with love, kindness, hope, and a little bit of magic. Author Patty Wain Smith has infused a kind of spiritual magic into her book. During the past year, she presented the book at a meeting attended by ten women, and ten copies were sold. Everyone knew someone who needs to believe in their own power to make a monumental change and embark on a journey down a road that will not be easy. Months later, a woman who’d attended the meeting and had given the book to a friend, told me that because of this little book, her friend found the strength and hope to remove herself from an unhealthy relationship. I mentioned A Letter to a Friend to my daughter who is a therapist, and she agreed that choice is “a brilliantly wrapped gift addressed to you with love.” I am not a religious person, but this idea spoke to me.

Why does this little book have the answers? What is it about this book that empowers a victim of abuse? It is crafted with love, kindness, and hope. Each word has been carefully chosen to give comfort and inspiration to the reader. It is not your traditional self-help book, nor is it a documentary on abuse. There is wisdom in its short sentences. The language is simple but eloquent. I believe the author created the book to be read in small sound bites when the abuser is not around, hidden in the nightstand, waiting to provide answers when all hope is lost. I truly believe the author wrote it to change the world, and this little book with its magic seems to be doing just that.

Debbie Richard, Author of PIVOT and Hills of Home   
5 Star Review, Amazon

Patty Wain Smith’s “A Letter to a Friend” brings hope, help, and support for the oppressed. Smith has brought the subject of abuse in America into the light where we can relate. That which once was kept behind closed doors is illuminated, given a name, and the abuse is not always physical. When the abuser speaks of your flaws, which others do not find, the intent is to leave a stigma which will cripple you into staying in this cycle where you feel powerless to their manipulations.

“A Letter to a Friend” lets us know we can break free from this cycle. And once free, “Your armor must be strong, your resistance sound, your feet firmly planted–and you must maintain it.”

David Zinman
Author of The Day Huey Long Was Shot, prize-winning AP Journalist and Newsday Reporter

A dark story told with deep insight. Gripping. Beautifully written. Told like it is. First rate work!

5 Star Review, Amazon

This book paints an accurate picture of the life of a domestic abuse victim and their family. A relatable story that transcends to women from all walks of life. Smith shows we have a choice to live a life free from abuse and full of Gods promises. A great book to pass along to your friends to increase awareness.

Dr. James Pearson, ACSW, LPC
Educator, Professional Counselor, and Mental Health Center Director

I strongly recommend A Letter to a Friend to everyone. As I perused each passage, I found it to be moving and insightful with a powerful message not only for the victim of abuse—but a message that transcends to anyone who cares about the circumstances of those who are caught up in this terrible web of abuse.

Dr. Denny Bates
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Member of The John Maxwell Team

This is what Patty Wain Smith has done with her “A Letter to a Friend.” She has masterfully woven a tragic story line into the fabric of a redemptive perspective where the pain is not wasted, but in a spiritual, mysterious, and creative way, is redeemed by the love and grace of God.

She warmly and gently invites the reader into her thoughts as she tells the story in such a way, before long, we all step through the looking glass and enter a world that may not be our own, but if we pause for just a moment, we come to realize it is very familiar to many for whom we deeply care. We might not “know” it, but as the author reminds us, “they are there.”

There is a plethora of books and other fine resources that do an adequate job in giving information about the spiritual epidemic of abuse of all kinds. “A Letter to a Friend” not only highlights the problem of abuse but goes on to give the reader hope of a lasting solution. This contribution to the discussion of abuse needs to be added to the tool box of every clinician, every pastor and denominational leader, every friend who knows someone who is trapped in an abusive relationship, and most of all, this book needs to be in the hands of the one who is gasping for some hope. For them, hope is on the way in the form of “A Letter to a Friend.”

Audrey Uczen
5 Star Review, Amazon

Patty Wain Smith provides relevant scripture as her thought-provoking book takes you on the journey of abuse in America. This book shares the raw truth and provides insightful statistics. It is not only a tool for those in abusive relationships, but it is an awareness of this, often hidden, commonality. It is easy to become encompassed by this well-written book, as I finished reading it in 2 days. As a bonus, the author wrote a beautiful song to go along with the book. I highly recommend this purchase!

Diana Evans
5 Star Review, Amazon

A Letter to a Friend is a must read for all of who want to experience freedom in love and spirit. It’s written with courage and understanding of the abusive relationships across our nation, how there is hope and light in God’s gift, and how we can better understand the dynamics of the abuser and victim. Read it and share it – because this touches everyone in our community – with the statistics at hand, we are bound to know someone who has been in this type of relationship, or is in one right now.

5 Star Review, Amazon

Well written book! A perfect book to give to a friend going through a difficult time (domestic abuse).
I love the scripture verses used in the book. Encouraging!

Amazon Customer
5 Star Review

A Letter to a Friend is an insightful, informative read for someone who is involved in an abusive relationship or their friends and family, who would like to help them.

Julie Shrider
5 Star Review, Amazon

Thank you for giving your friend’s story a voice. This is a wonderfully written book that opens your eyes to the issues and emotions people face in abusive relationships. Thank you for sharing such an impactful story rooted in faith and bravery.

Vicki Bourus, MSW, LISW
Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties, Executive Director; SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Executive Director; professional social worker, supervisory social worker

I’ve Never Read A More Exquisite Description of This Complex Process

Once in a rare while, a book on domestic violence arrives that goes beyond statistics and facts, revealing the deep pain and sadness experienced by the victim, in careful and touching ways, and making this issue significantly understandable even to those who have never experienced it. Patty Wain Smith’s book, A Letter to a Friend: The Story of Abuse in America, is certainly that book.

As a professional social worker, I’ve spent over 30 years working with victims of abuse and their children, and I’ve walked with many survivors as they struggled to extricate themselves from a relationship that was destructive and ruinous, both physically and emotionally. I am also a survivor which makes this book even more meaningful.

I’ve never read a more exquisite description of this complex process. It takes a long time to heal from abuse, and Patty Wain Smith’s incredible book is a gift to every victim–no matter if the victim is just beginning to consider the options or is far along on the journey to recovery. The skillful way in which she’s written this story is similar to the experience of watching the fog clear from the windshield after a storm–hopeful, encouraging, and freeing.

I highly recommend this lovely, well-written book to survivors, advocates, family and friends. I believe that if every adult in the United States read this book, powerful changes would take place in this country, so plagued by abuse. That is a significant claim!

Dawn Faircloth
5 Star Review, Amazon

Great read! Having been in a mentally and emotionally abusive marriage, this hits home for me. I’ve passed this on to another friend who has dealt with abuse. Everyone should read this.

Jeanne Pickering
5 Star Review, Amazon

A Letter to a Friend is a beautiful, encouraging love letter to anyone who has ever experienced the pain of abuse or loved someone who has. Like watching a sunrise, Patty Wain Smith takes the reader from the dark private moments of deceit, guilt and shame in an abusive relationship to the bright promise of a future of hope and optimism, achieved with courage and support, both spiritual and human. With insights from the perspective of the abuser and the abused, it sheds light on the dynamics of the complicated relationships and how to end the cycle.

This book is full of heart and wisdom, and should be shared again and again.

Jennifer Campanelli
5 Star Review, Amazon

A Letter to a Friend is a must read for anyone that has experienced or knows anyone that has experienced an abusive relationship. It is very inspiring and I believe gives people the insight and confidence that we all hold the key to our own life. Please share this book with everyone you know, its beautifully written and though not a long read very powerful and insightful message that I believe can be used for life in general.

Benjamin Espinal
5 Star Review, Amazon

As I read ‘A Letter to a Friend,’ I couldn’t help but to feel the emotions and feelings resonate from the author in this book. The path from which this book is written speaks candidly about the torment from those who hold this ‘secret.’ The book provides unique insight from the perspective of the victim, family, friends and of course, the abuser. The author incorporates realism with factual data that supports the abuse in America.

Edmiston & Associates, P.C.
5 Star Review, Amazon

A thought provoking, quick read, that can compel and empower a victim to become a domestic abuse survivor. A great guide for friends and relatives to start their loved one on this important journey.

Leslie Knight
5 Star Review, Amazon

“A Letter to a Friend: The Story of Abuse in America” boldly illustrates the reality too many people face on a daily basis. Not only is it a resource that can help those facing abuse, but sheds light on many key signs and warnings to look for in abusive relationships. With each page, you can feel the love and empathy the author has for victims, and her desire to help them have a brighter, safer future. I highly recommend this easy and insightful read to everyone, as statistics sadly show how common abuse is in today’s world.

Leah Leuthauser, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

Simply amazing! I feel very strongly this book can aid and empower victims, ultimately helping them to transition from victims to survivors.

Mark Bryant
Post Adoption Support Specialist

A Letter to a Friend: The Story of Abuse in America – Patty Wain Smith captures all aspects of the journey from victim to victory and healing. In reading I felt like she was personally talking to me and taking me through my own journey. She does a beautiful job of incorporating the scriptures into every step of the healing process. Most importantly she touches on an often overlooked aspect of domestic violence and the effect it has on the children involved. Having been in the field of social work for over 35 years this is a book I would highly recommend to anyone in the field. Once you pick it up you will not want to put it down.

Pastor Brad Bellah
Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Church

Our society seems to be awakening to the plight that many have endured abuse. Those who have suffered silently are emerging from the shadows. “A Letter to a Friend” stands to be a helpful resource and guide to accompany individuals and families searching for light – those going through abuse and struggling with what their next step will be. There is a sweet comfort given when someone who is experiencing pain and suffering can hear from someone who has been there, who can truly say, #metoo.
I will be sharing this book as a resource for those in recovery from abuse and trauma.
Thank you Patty for being a voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing a path for healing and hope!

Christina L. Myers
5 Star Review, Amazon

This heartwarming book is a must read! A Letter to a Friend takes us on an emotional journey of abuse, its vicious cycle and triumphant overcoming power of the survivor. With each turn of the page, the author paints the picture of abuse, providing insight into the suffering while also providing empowering spiritual affirmations. Passage by passage, your perspective shifts from solely looking at the circumstances from a physical eye, but a spiritual one. Through the physical eye the situation may seem dire, but through the spiritual eye there is still hope. This book will surely provide hope not only to those who may find themselves in this situation, but also to those who care about this issue and want to help create change and empower others. I highly recommend reading A Letter to a Friend. Share it with your loved ones, co-workers and church groups. It’s a message for all!

Dana Ridenour
Award-winning Author of Beyond The Cabin and Behind The Mask

A Letter to a Friend: The Story of Abuse in America is a tiny book with a giant message. Written in a moving and insightful manner, the book imparts a powerful message not only for the victim of abuse but also for anyone who wants to better understand domestic abuse. In a non-judgmental way, the author offers her readers both information and hope. The domestic violence statistics in our country are staggering. Nearly every one of us knows someone who could benefit from this book.

Nancy C.  
5 Star Review, Amazon

   A Letter to a Friend is a must read for everyone. Most of us know someone in an abusive relationship and don’t understand. This isolates the person even more. They need us to stay in their lives. This book is relative, informative, and nonjudgmental. Beautifully written and easy to understand. You won’t be disappointed you bought it!

Jennifer Johnson
4 Star Review, Amazon

This story is unforgettable and dramatic. This is heartfelt and heartbreaking! Anyone who reads this book won’t be able to put it down! If you love pure raw emotion and the world’s hidden lives or a book for comfort and relatable to emotional pain and recovery then this is a definite read!

Jarrod Edge
5 Star Review, Amazon

Intriguing. I have to applaud the author for finding such a wonderful way to deliver such a sensitive topic to readers. Well done.

Darryl K. DeLawder
5 Star Review, Amazon

From this thought-provoking book, one gains considerable perspective on what warning signs to look for early on in a relationship that are not always obvious in an abusive personality. If you are already in such a relationship, with a strong reliance on faith and prayer, the book provides a roadmap for how to recognize and overcome the challenges that are on the horizon. Patty Wain Smith has written a helpful, healing and considerate letter of hope for anyone needing a path to recovery.