“Where he goes, you cannot follow, for it is a place in the depths of darkness, barely illuminated by the Spirit.
Someone once told you of this dark, barren wasteland, but you were not sure it really existed.
A black hole, a soundless century-long existence few ever return from, few can ever bare. 
You cry for him, his circumstance; you suffer and anguish over his decided present and future, but you cannot change it…
…and you must go on.”

2019 and 2018 International Book Awards Finalist ~ Best New Non-Fiction, Self-Help: Relationships, and Health: Women’s Health, and 2019 Living Now Book Awards Bronze Medalist for Relationships/Marriage

“It’s gentle, honest, and empowering.” Set up like a gift book, it’s the kind of book you give to a friend, coworker, neighbor, family member, or anyone in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship. Oftentimes, we don’t know what to say. This new book is an important tool for victims, and for those who want to understand why it’s so hard to leave. Written in a loose narrative style that makes the reader a part of the story, it empowers and heals combining psychology, counseling, domestic violence, child development, and Christian principles.

The author’s multilayered background, as well as her own experience and that of a close friend, come together in a book you’ll read again and again, and give to a friend. The bonus at the back of the book: a YouTube link to a song written for the book that helps the reader grieve–an essential part of recovery.

Follow the journey of a survivor who emerges stronger and wiser after accepting God’s gift–a gift she’s had all along. Each chapter delivers a message of its own in a beautifully written, insightful story. Thoughtfully crafted in a short, powerful read, A Letter to a Friend brings new hope for love, comfort, and protection.

(New Words Publishing, LLC)


Words and Music Patty Wain Smith

Listening to the song helps the reader grieve - an essential part of recovery...